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RCI found in breach of contract with consumers and misleading its members opening the possibility of thousands of claims by RCI members.

We know that you are eagerly waiting for news of today’s judgment and we can now inform you that Mrs Justice Proudman has found RCI Europe in breach of contract with consumers and that they misled their members.

Although in the four test cases the court concluded that they had individually not suffered loss, Mrs Justice Proudman found that RCI had breached its agreement with consumers by removing deposited timeshares from the pool for its own use and that its salesmen, under direction from RCI, told members that "Members deposited weeks are only used in the RCI exchange system", which was "plainly untrue". Regrettably, no compensation has been awarded to the test claimants.

The RCI Action Group was formed in November 2012 and has now grown to over 15,000 members. The legal case started in March 2013 and the trial was finally heard in May 2016.

David Greene, senior partner of Edwin Coe LLP, said:

“The judge found that the four test claimants had not suffered loss but she did after a long litigation process decide that RCI was willing and did mislead its members as to what it did with their deposited timeshares. Proudman J. found that what they did, pulling out deposited timeshares for their own use, was in breach of the contract with members. RCI's arrrogance towards its members is staggering and the judge rightly found against them on these issues. Whilst we are now considering an appeal on certain elements of the judgment the court's findings open up the possibility of the hundreds of thousands of RCI members seeking compensation on proving loss.”

As this judgment could possibly open the door for claims where loss can be proved and our legal team are considering an appeal, we will keep you posted with news on this as it develops.

Thank you for your support.

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