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Over 10,000 and still going strong

In any group action such as our one, it’s always important to get as many people on board as possible as it builds a positive pressure on the case and increases the all important credibility factor. With that in mind and with a bit of help from various news channels, we’ve seen our numbers grow in the last six months and the good news is ... we’re now through the 10,000 mark and still going strong.

With the news that our trial window is set for between February and April we now have a finite period of time to carry on signing up as many new members as possible. Just remember under UK law, group actions are all about positively ‘opting in’ to be considered for compensation ... you won’t be able to sit and wait for the trial to happen before claiming.

Also, just remember, joining the RCI Action Group is completely free of charge.

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Are you a points owner? We want to hear your story

Are you are a Pure Points owner – someone who has never physically owned a timeshare but who bought resort points and has tried to use them in the RCI exchange?

If you are and you would be willing to speak with Edwin Coe, our solicitors, please get in touch with us at committee@rciactiongroup.com.

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Does the summer feel like a distant memory?

Summer may feel like a distant memory but for us at the RCI Action Group it’s just as busy now as it was during the height of the season. It may be the summer period that highlights the issues associated with the timeshare industry but now it’s over there’s the worrying matter of maintenance fees that all start getting invoiced as of now.

We’ve been hearing plenty of ‘timeshare nightmares’ and the majority of our new members tend to say the same things about how they were sold an RCI exchange programme for ‘a holiday anywhere in the world’. The standard sales pitch seems to be ‘where in the world would you want to go on holiday?’ with the response often being the likes of Antigua, The Seychelles or Miami. In reality these places simply aren’t available especially when you actually want them.

The more we hear this story the more we realise that we’re on the right lines with the RCI Action Group. We’re always looking for more members and don’t forget it’s completely free to join. Forward this newsletter on to someone who’s in the same boat as you and they may end up thanking you when the case is won.

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RCI Action Group Committee meeting

Just to keep you all in the picture the RCI Action Group Committee met in September and it was reported to the group that the case was progressing nicely and heading towards the trial window in early 2015.

There will be a further meeting on the 29th October where progress will be benchmarked … no doubt we will update you all just after that point.

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Our friends at the Timeshare Consumer Association

We’re pleased to announce that the Timeshare Consumer Association has given us their backing by including a post on their website about what we’ve been up to at the RCI Action Group. This organisation is an important and credible voice in the industry and we’re pleased to have their backing going forward. If you want to read the article that they posted recently please feel free to click through via this link.

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Get in touch

If you are interested in contacting us to discuss any of the points raised in this newsletter, please email us on committee@rciactiongroup.com.

Alternatively, contact us on Twitter or Facebook, or find out more about the action group on our Youtube channel.



Get in touch

If you are interested in contacting us to discuss any of the points raised in this newsletter, please email us at committee@rciactiongroup.com