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Dear Member,

After a long wait, we have finally heard back from the Court of Appeal. Unfortunately, the Court has refused leave to appeal the High Court judgement of Proudman J.

The Court of Appeal was not prepared to interfere with Proudman J’s judgement on any grounds. They agreed that RCI had breached members’ contracts but only because they did not put all of the weeks into the exchange pool. The Court of Appeal agreed that the claimants had not suffered any loss as a result of this.

Where Does this leave RCIAG Members’ claims?

This means the RCI Action Group will not be able to take any further claims against RCI related to the “skimming” activity. This has been found to be lawful.

What Next?

We continue to consider other opportunities that may now exist following the judgement. The RCIAG Committee will meet soon to consider the options that are still available to members who find themselves in the “timeshare trap”, lumbered with a timeshare that they do not want which they bought on the understanding that it gave them “any time, anywhere” holidays through the RCI exchange system.

In Conclusion

This is a huge disappointment for RCIAG members, the Committee and the team behind it who have all put a huge amount of support into this case over a number of years. It does go to show that groups of aggrieved consumers can and will club together to challenge the unscrupulous behaviour of timeshare companies and that their behaviour will be held to account.

Thank you for your support and we will be back in touch soon to update you on any further developments.


Yours sincerely

RCI Action Group

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