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We have received some important news from our legal team at Edwin Coe. In order to accommodate the difficult task of understanding the RCI system, which is central to your claim, the trial date has been adjourned until this time next year. Of course it is open to RCI to settle the claim but if that is not achieved then a five day trial window has been set to start on Monday 9th May 2016.

On the one hand we are slightly disappointed at the delay; however our lawyers reassure us that this was necessary to ensure the strongest case. On the basis of what they have seen so far, our lawyers remain of the opinion that the claim is good and they remain confident of a positive outcome if the matter comes to trial. We can go no further than that in this open circular.

The delay is as a result of the time it has taken to resolve the scope of disclosure of documents. In short, disclosure is the process whereby parties to the claim provide each other with copies of documents which are relevant to the issues in the claim. RCI have said that they have millions of documents and thus it is taking the two sides some time to try and agree which documents should be disclosed by RCI. As you will appreciate, it does not make sense for our lawyers to incur huge costs reviewing such vast quantities of documents. This is why they need to understand the documents and the form which they take. Disclosure is a key part of the claim as much of it will turn on the internal workings of the exchange system.

When disclosure is completed the lawyers will reassess the case. Unless there is a change in their view of the likelihood of success, the parties will give each other witness statements from the witnesses they intend to call at the trial. This will happen in the Autumn.

News from the industry

Demystifying the
timeshare industry

During the course of a normal working week we come across plenty of articles that shine some light on the timeshare industry but very rarely do we come across one that so succinctly covers essential facts such as the one below.

Highlights in this article include how "Consumer power is at an all time high in the timeshare industry", how "It’s much harder for the timeshare industry to fool well-informed, internet savvy consumers these days" and why "it’s a fallacy that vacation ownership is somehow a financial asset".

You can read the full article by clicking here.

Will we still have a timeshare obligation?

More about our claims management team

The Litigation Management Ltd team (LML) are an integral part of the RCI Action Group bridging the gap between the thousands of claimants and the Edwin Coe legal team. They are responsible for pulling together all aspects of the case and keeping the claimants in the picture. You may well receive a call from them at various stages mainly to keep communication levels up.

Led by experienced litigation expert Ben Hawkins, LML are a credible and hugely knowledgeable company based in Arundel, West Sussex. They have handled similar cases in this specific sector and have been involved in many ‘claims based’ cases in recent years.

It should be noted that LML are also receiving feedback from RCI members that they are disgruntled about various aspects of their timeshare ownership, not just the failure of the exchange system. Ben and his team are actively assisting these members and are happy to work with others who need help with timeshare contracts, outstanding finance and maintenance fees. So if you need assistance, please feel free to contact them on enquiries@litigationmanagement.co.uk.

Update on numbers

Update on numbers

Regardless of where we stand on the trial date, numbers who have signed up to the RCI Action Group have continued to grow steadily over recent months and stands at just over 12,000.

If anything the adjournment allows us more time to build the numbers up even more. Who knows, by this time next year we could well be over 20,000 members. Don’t forget ‘more people’ means ‘more pressure’ on RCI when it comes to trial… if indeed, it isn’t settled beforehand.

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