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MARCH 2014


...to the latest newsletter from the RCI Action Group. Membership numbers are up and our trial window has been set.

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News Flash!

We’ve just received some great news from our legal team at Edwin Coe LLP... the courts have now set what is called a ‘trial window’ which in simple terms means that our day in court against RCI Europe is now set for somewhere between February and April of next year.

There’s plenty of work to be done between now and then including the short listing of suitable cases, the selection of test cases and a mountain of paperwork that needs filing which includes evidence and signed statements.

It is of course possible that this won’t go the full distance and in fact RCI Europe may realise at some point beforehand that the best course of action is to settle out of court... let’s wait and see.

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Numbers Are On the Up

In any group action such as our one against RCI Europe, it’s always important to get as many people on board as possible as it builds a positive pressure on the case and increases the all important credibility factor. With that in mind and with a bit of help from the likes of the BBC, we’ve seen our numbers grow in the last six months, now standing at over 5,000.

With the news that our trial window is set for early next year, we now have a finite period of time to carry on signing up as many new members as possible. Just remember under UK law, group actions are all about positively ‘opting in’ to be considered for compensation... you won’t be able to sit and wait for the trial to happen before claiming.

Also, just remember, joining the RCI Action Group is completely free of charge.

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Friends of Ours

Just a quick word about who our ‘friends’ are in this case. First up we have the legal experts Edwin Coe LLP who are based in Chambers in London and led by the experienced Senior Partner David Greene. David has worked on numerous high profile cases including the Railtrack Shareholders case against the Government, Northern Rock and Resort Hotels.

Then we have the team from Litigation Management Ltd who are responsible for the overall management of the claim. Led by Director Ben Hawkins and Aariana Jackson, Litigation Management Ltd are also responsible for attracting as many new members as possible and overseeing all marketing activity including traditional PR as well as digital and social media.

Together the team is dedicated to delivering the right result between now and the end of the trial.

Get in touch

If you are interested in contacting us to discuss any of the points raised in this newsletter, please email us at committee@rciactiongroup.com

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