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JUNE 2014

Your Friends Are Our Friends

Your Friends Are Our Friends

Just because our trial window is set for the first quarter of 2015, it doesn’t mean that we have stopped looking for more people to join our action group. In fact, we’re actively looking for as many people as possible to opt in as that will only help build our case ... and don’t forget it’s completely free to become a member.

With that in mind can we ask for your help?

We understand that you probably know of other people that have been affected by RCI in the same way that you have. Chances are they are friends or even family, maybe you met them on holiday or possibly you may even have met them at the very first RCI sales pitch.

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone else that you feel may have been affected ... it could be the most financially beneficial email that you’ve ever sent them. Who knows, they might be very grateful when the case is won.

Update on Youtube

Update on Youtube

Many of you would have already seen the six minute YouTube clip on the Action Group but the good news is ‘Ben is back’ and we’ve recently added some brand new short clips on the channel.

They’re soundbite clips giving viewers a chance to catch up on what we’re up to with some news of where the case currently stands. All you have to do is click through to our YouTube Channel.

There you will see all of our clips in one place ... enjoy and don’t forget, pass it on to others to help us grow the numbers.

Update on Numbers

Update on Numbers

Just a very quick update on numbers as we’re growing very quickly now ... since the last time we dropped you an email we’ve seen a dramatic 20% uplift in new members.

Also, just remember, joining the RCI Action Group is completely free of charge, so let other people know if you feel they might have been affected in the same way.

Get in touch

If you are interested in contacting us to discuss any of the points raised in this newsletter, please email us on committee@rciactiongroup.com

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