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You may register by providing your information using the Register button - be aware that by providing your information using the Register button and by so registering you will, irrevocably have agreed to the rules set out below and have joined RCI Action Group and you will have to complete documentation and your continued membership will depend on you doing so and complying with the terms and conditions set out in the rules of the association below.

RCI Action Group will not represent any person or entity that is not a Member of RCI Action Group.

The rules below are copyright to Edwin Coe Solicitors, London 2011 and may not be copied.

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1. Definitions

Unless the context requires otherwise:

“Association” means the individuals who are part of the RCI Action Group and who have signed to these Rules.

"Committee" shall mean the Committee constituted in accordance with the Committee Rules, annexed hereto.

“Opponent” means RCI Europe.

“Defaulting Member” means the Members of the Association who have been declared as such in accordance with clause 3.2.2.

“Basic Loss” means the loss suffered by the Member arising out of the breach of trust and/or breach of contract committed by RCI Europe. Basic Loss is based on the claim for an account of profits made by RCI Europe pursuant to the breach of trust and/or damages for the breach of contract claim.

“Eligible to Participate” means those individuals who entered into an agreement with RCI Europe and who are the victims of a breach of trust and/or breach of contract committed by RCI Europe.

“Founding Members” means the original members of the Committee as defined in the Committee Rules.

“General Meeting” means a General Meeting of the Association.

“Member” means a Member of the Association under Rule 3 and “Membership” shall be construed accordingly.

“Officers” means those Members who are appointed as officers of the Association under clause 2 of the Committee Rules.

“Recoveries” means all sums obtained for and on behalf of the Members as a result of any action taken by the Association.

“Rules” means these Rules of Association.


2. Objects and Powers


3. Membership of the Association


4. Obligations of Membership

On or by virtue of admission to membership a Member:


5. Recoveries

If as a result of negotiations or litigation by or on behalf of the Association, Members become entitled to Recoveries, such Recoveries shall be paid to the Association and applied in the following order:


6. Officers

The Officers of the Committee shall be the Officers of the Association.


7. General Meetings


8. Alteration of Rules

These Rules shall not be capable of alteration except by written agreement of 51% of all Members, irrespective of the amounts of their Basic Loss.


9. Notices

Any notice shall be in writing to the address last notified in writing by a Member to Edwin Coe LLP of 2 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, London WC2A 3TH. Notice shall be deemed to be given to a Member as follows: forty eight hours after being sent by first class post, on delivery if hand delivered to a Member's address (or sent by fax to a Member's fax number), on delivery if emailed to a Member’s email address. Notices to the Association shall be sent by post or otherwise delivered to the address (or sent by fax to the Association's fax number) for service last notified to Edwin Coe LLP in writing by the Association.


10. Accounts


11. Winding-up


12. Proper Law and Jurisdiction

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