What is a class action?

A class action, often known as a group action, is a synonym for a representative or collective action, most commonly associated and used to describe the collective/representative action mechanism available in the United States where one or more representatives bring(s) an action on behalf of a defined group of claimants whose claims involve the same, similar or related matters of fact or law.
In the context of the RCI Action Group, the “class action” is a reference to a collective or “group” action to be brought by a representative party for and on behalf of itself, or simply by the representative body on behalf of, a represented class of claimants seeking the vindication of substantive law rights, where the nature of the cause of action gives rise to a commonality of interest between the members of the group, that is, the members of RCI Europe.

Is it really free and at no cost to me?

The law firm will conduct the investigation into your claim at its own expense. Further, any legal proceedings will be funded by the law firm on a conditional fee or "no win, no pay" basis. This means that you do not have to pay anything in the event that your claim is unsuccessful. If your claim is successful, the law firm will be entitled to a success fee in addition to the payment of its basis costs; at the same time the funder will be entitled to the reimbursement of the costs it has paid, including the legal costs, as well as a success fee equal to a percentage of the compensation you receive. The end result being that the claimants will receive approximately 60% of the monies recovered.

Will I need my own lawyer?

The law firm, Edwin Coe LLP, will be acting for the RCI Action Group and therefore you have no requirement to have your own lawyers. However, should you wish to consult your own lawyer before deciding to join the RCI Action Group, you may do so.

Why should I sign up now?

Whether the legal action relating to your claim against RCI Europe will be commenced depends on whether sufficient numbers of claimants agree to the Funding Agreement. The quicker that sufficient numbers of claimants do so, the sooner the RCI Action Group can start.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind within 14 days of agreeing to become a member of the RCI Action Group with a view to entering into the Funding Agreement, you can terminate it without cost.

How long will it take?

It is likely that the legal proceedings to be commenced by RCI Action Group will take many months. However, it is anticipated that discussions and negotiations will take place with RCI Europe with a view to achieving a settlement without any requirement go to court.

How will you calculate any compensation due to me?

The amount of compensation that you may be entitled to receive will depend upon the detail of the loss that you have sustained as a result of your membership of RCI Europe. The law firm, Edwin Coe LLP will be writing to you requesting full detail of your losses as soon as you have agreed to become a member of the RCI Action Group.

Will I need to give evidence?

It is most unlikely that you will be called as a witness to give evidence in the legal proceedings; in essence the legal action will be managed by Edwin Coe LLP on behalf of the RCI Action Group and they will determine what evidence will be required ahead of the case being heard by the court. It is highly likely that if the legal action by RCI Action Group is successful, your individual claim will then be settled.