RCI Action Group - The Case news

During the past several years, Owners Action has been accumulating numerous testimonials from individuals who are members of RCI and who have tried to use the RCI exchange system unsuccessfully.

We have sought advice from Counsel regarding the claim for damages arising out of the misappropriation of members' weeks and have been informed that there are good grounds for pursuing the claims.

The RCI Action Group has been formed for the purposes of representing past and present users of the RCI Exchange System who have been victims of the policy referred to as 'skimming'.

We now have thousands of members and a Committee has been formed.  In order to be included, it is imperative for you to confirm your enrolment in the RCI Action Group by completing the authorisation link.

The amount of damages that may be claimed by members will vary considerably but relate to the value of the holiday that has been the subject of skimming.